The choice of right dating partner in life is always difficult for every person. In case of the rich personalities, they find it more typical because of time and trust issues. Hence many trustworthy rich men dating websites are present like This website provides the collective information about the millionaires and billionaires about perfect dates around them. All the authentic and real persons are found here which join the website after sharing certain information which is cross-checked further. People here after joining gets many of the options and choose their favorite dating partner to know them further.

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  • The people joined here are all the verified millionaires with the entire cross-checking procedure passed.
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  • The vouching system is followed for every new member. The voting process takes place from the existing members for the new member.
  • Anti-scam systems are strictly active for the fraud and blacklisted members. Besides the income and character assurance, the complete history of the person joined is being found.


The cost structure of this website is completely transparent and based on the service and category a member is opting for their respective account. Many of the categories and special services are divided based upon the income, personal choice, and special requirement including the partner. The payments are based upon all of these points and choice of a person. The payment structure is all by far means and based upon maintaining the complete transparency.


  • 100 coins: $7.9
  • 1000 coins: $59.9
  • 10000 coins: $299.9

Luxy Black

  • 1 Month:$99.99 per month
  • 3 Months:$79.99 per month
  • 6 Months:$58.99 per month

Pros and Cons:

There are certain pros and cons with which is to be completely kept in mind before joining it:


  • Only the verified customers are allowed to join the websites after the complete verification is completed.
  • The customer’s privacy is totally taken care and kept is safe and secure and up to the customer wish with whom they want to interact with.
  • The vouching system is followed for the new customers joining. Voting is necessary for a new member to join.


Only millionaires are allowed to join the platform.


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