Sugar Daddy For Me

Sugar Daddy for Me

The website is a great website for people who are looking towards dating people. It will help single & attractive women and rich & successful men meet each other and if everything goes well, they will even end up together. There is something which is taking the net by quite a storm and no it is not the new iPhone. It is something which is becoming extremely popular amongst the boys as well as the girls and the men as well as the women. Well, it is the rich men dating site.

All the people are losing their mind over this particular website and it is receiving all the glory that is possible. This website has been mainly popular amongst those women who wish to date men who are rich or wealthy.


There are several features of the dating website. They offer a trial for three days. There is also the gold membership where you will be able to get extra features from them.

They also offer acceptance to your profile pictures within a very less time. They have a competent staff of customer support members who are always there to assist you and solve all your problems and doubts.

Thus, women who wish to get a taste of how the lifestyle of a millionaire is doing so by joining these rich men dating site and looking for their own personal sugar daddy.

But you might wonder why are the rich men getting crazy over these websites. What does it have to them? Well, to answer your question, you will have to know that these rich guys like a lot of advertisement about themselves and that is exactly what is provided to them via these dating sets. They wish to have a partner for life who has the equal or standard potential and who wish to have a genuine and true connection with them.


The website is also quite cost-effective and will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Thus, these rich men dating site can actually be connected to the wide number of the user of the net. Everyone wish to save money and be wealthy but it is not possible for everyone to be stinking rich and gave loads of wealth.

  • Gold Membership: $39.90 per month
  • Gold Membership + Total Access: $54.85 per month
  • Silver Membership: $34.90 per month
  • Silver Membership + Total Access: $49.85 per month

Pros & Cons


There are several pros of this website.

  • They have several features embedded on the website, features which you will find attractive.
  • Also, they use intelligence scheme for matching people.
  • Thus, most of the time their matching scheme is quite accurate for most of the time.


There are some cons of the dating site as well.

  • There is no assurance that the matching done will be accurate. Sometimes they might not be.
  • Also, people get lazy and only seek towards meeting people online. There is no more going out and meeting new people.


Women are not always after the rich men for their money or their wealth but because they genuinely care and wish to make a connection with these people. Thus, these websites are not just for the case of time pass but are actually here to help people in the search for their soul mate or for the people they wish to make a connection with and spend their life. As per the review of the people, you can definitely check this website